About Mary Weir

Mary Weir Art

Mary Weir graduated college with a BA (Hons) in Design and Illustration after switching from a nursing career.

She worked as an Interior Designer and Architectural Illustrator for several years before taking up painting full-time.

Teaching adult art classes in both Acrylic and Watercolour has been a way to pass on some skills learned along the way.

She paints a wide variety of subject matter including architectural scenes, landscapes, seascapes, flowers, animal portraits and and occasionally portraits.

Her favoured mediums are Acrylics and Watercolours. Mary paints in a realistic style, favouring the use of strong colour and lighting in her paintings. Her method involves doing some quick sketches from life if possible, taking several photos, sketching out a composition that she is happy with and then applies a very rough drawing to the canvas or paper and allows the painting to evolve, making several changes to suit the painting if required.

Mary’s goal is simply to convey a sense of joy and connection with the others from her paintings.